UNI-MAR Enerji Yatırımları A. Ş.

The seawater condenser cooled combined cycle power plant consists of 2 gas turbines Alstom 13E2, 2x2 pressure HRSG CMI, 1 steam turbine Alstom and auxiliaries (desalination, demineralization, black start facility with boiler and steam turbine).


-The gas turbine compresses the 500kg/s air via its 21 stage compressor to the combustor where 9kg/s gas is fed in and fired to 1100 degC.

This increased enthalpy gas is driving the 5 stage turbine, which again drives the Generator at 160 MW and heats the HRSGs with 550 degC hot air turbine outlet temperature.


-The HRSG’s generate HP 60bar, 520 degC and LP 6 bar, 220 degC in a vertical boiler with forced circulation through a common feed water tank, HP and LP steam drum for each train.


-The Steam turbine generates 160MW via its 28 stage HP and 2x6 stage LP blading and drives the used steam to the vacuum condenser.


-The condenser is fed with 32000 t/h seawater via 3 main cooling water pumps, 1MW each to cool the steam down to 30deg C to the condensate extraction pumps, which closes the circulation to the feed water tank.

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